About Us

FIT CityTrack was born from our flagship Issue Tracking platform FIT Tracking Solutions.  Our mandate is to offer the best tracking solutions for all of your needs.  We aren’t just an app for Citizen’s to report municipal issues, we are a full municipal management solution like no other.

We offer a complete solution for municipalities which includes, the free citizen reporting app, available on the app store, as well as tools for municipalities to manage everything city related including citizen’s reported issues, task management, help desk/service desk, maintenance scheduling, operations and asset management and stakeholder communication tracking.  All this and a Knowledge base component too!

FIT solutions are used all around the world by thousands of organizations to securely manage all of their tracking requirements.  FIT CityTrack was created in collaboration with City professionals to ensure that cities and municipalities have the custom tool they need without needing multiple complex systems.

Want something specific?  We can do that.  Full customization of forms and integrated workflow is available.

Finally, a way for Citizen’s and Municipalities to collaborate effectively and get the job done together.

Keep Your City on Track.  Schedule your personalized demo today.

sales@fitcitytrack.com   1-877-321-4463