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Ottawa, Canada (August 16, 2016) – ACLEA TECHNOLOGIES, the creators of FIT Tracking Solutions Software, announces the release of FIT CityTrack, an all-one municipal management and maintenance scheduling software for Municipalities and Citizens to help keep their City on track.

FIT CityTrack allows municipalities the ability to take all of their disparate systems and roll them into one solution saving time and money on administration, configuration and training.  FIT CityTrack alsoallows municipalities to take any timesheet and quickly convert it into a live, collaborative form.  Right out of the box, municipalities get incident tracking, helpdesk, knowledge base, stakeholder & contract management, asset management and maintenance scheduling software, saving thousands of dollars.  Need something custom? Alcea can help municipalities configure their own solution to incorporate their unique workflow.

FIT CityTrack’s app, available on the app store for both iOS and Android, enables municipalities and Citizens to work together to improve their City.  Citizens can download the app and report municipal issues simply by taking a picture of things such as graffiti, potholes, illegal dumping and any other environmental or constituent issue.  The FIT CityTrack App uses geolocation tags to pinpoint the exact location of the issue, and the municipality is informed immediately of a problem and can act quickly and even reply to constituents. The app also allows custom configurations for authenticated users to configure various solutions such as site inspections, road and sewer inspections or any other requirements using mobile devices.