What is FIT CityTrack?

FIT CityTrack is a web-based, software as a service, project management and issue tracking system designed with municipalities in mind. We created FIT CItyTrack as a pre-configured vertical of our business process management software suite FIT Tracking Solutions (FIT).

FIT was initially developed as an in-house solution for managing both the software development and consulting aspects of our company and was later launched for commercial use in 2001. Over the years, we have listened to our customers and have enhanced the FIT platform, and designed it to be completely configurable. We are continually improving FIT to ensure that we remain a leader in the issue management business, no matter what your organization is.

Designed for customization and individually tailored to the way you need it to work.

Consolidate Existing Systems

By implementing FIT, you improve on organization and efficiency. You can easily incorporate your spreadsheets, paperwork, emails and any other existing systems into the FIT platform. Easily upload and manage all your systems in one simple, customizable software created from your needs.

This sort of ease and efficiency is the core of FIT, and is the reason our many customers originally chose our solution; but, only part of the reason that they have stayed with us for so many years.

Custom Smart Device Application

We needed a way to be more than just a tracking and management system so we partnered with the talent at Pinpoint311 and clairifai to make it happen.

The application can be used both privately, for city employees, and publicly, to engage your citizens and help improve your city.

We Evolve With You

This is software as a service, and as your requirements evolve, we work directly with you to promptly meet those requirements.

We intend to stay the sole tracking and managing system you need for years to come.